On December 30th Jalen Brunson hosted his very own One Up x NBA 2K24 Championship Series Qualifier, leveraging the Play One Up app to encourage fans and gamers to participate.

In an episode of the One Up x NBA 2K24 video series, Jalen joins Ronnie 2K for a friendly one-on-one matchup, shares his appreciation for the esports community, and more!

The top 16 semifinalists gearing up for the online gaming tournament are set to take place February 3rd-4th. From there, the top four players will proceed to the finals on February 15th in Miami, Florida.

Jalen and 20 other NBA stars are collectively contributing to a prize pool exceeding $1 million. The winner in the One Up x NBA® 2K24 Champion Series is destined for a $250,000 grand prize while the second-place player takes home $100,000 and the third and fourth-place players will each bask in the glory of a $50,000 cash prize.