Backed by a historic $300,000 Second Round Foundation gift, Jalen partnered with his high school’s charitable organization, the Stevenson Foundation, to establish the Jalen Brunson Patriot Wellness Initiative (JBPWI). The Initiative is designed to support the physical and mental well-being of financially under-resourced students by ensuring equitable access to whole-family wellness resources. 

One of the many ways the JBPWI addresses food insecurity among students and families is through Stevenson Gathers events. Held four times a year, these events provide access to supplemental food assistance over extended school breaks.

During the holiday season, more than 225 families received six bags of produce, shelf-stable items, and multi-purpose ingredients, and additional fresh and frozen protein options delivered in a reusable JBPWI cooler bag. Bolstered by expanded nutritional support and food storage tools, the first two Gathers events of the school year were the largest and most successful to date.

“Wellness has always been an important part of my life. Proper nutrition and fitness are core values that my parents introduced to my sister and I early on. I am very proud to partner with the Stevenson Foundation and my alma mater – a place that was integral to my growth and resilience during my own teenage years. Our goal is to empower the next generation of Patriots, both students and families, to prioritize health and wellness practices so they may thrive in all aspects of their lives,” shared Jalen.

The JBPWI acknowledges that physical and mental wellness go hand in hand and expands on the Stevenson Foundation’s current work to serve financially under-resourced students and their families. The partnership places a strategic emphasis on ensuring equitable access to essentials, tools, and knowledge needed to foster lifelong wellness practices. This includes expanded access to healthy food, nutrition information, and necessities such as athletic wear, shoes, and accessories that enable an active lifestyle. The Initiative also provides families with basic medical supplies, access to physicals and vaccines, as well as mindfulness and relaxation support.

“The impact of Jalen’s legacy is still felt throughout the halls of our school. His success today is the culmination of not just his hard work, but his dedication to his own fitness and well-being. His generous support of our Foundation, and the programming that it makes possible, will help us go even further in ensuring our mission of success for every student,” said Stevenson High School Superintendent Dr. Eric Twadell.